Monday, September 5, 2016

Menu Monday - Labor Day!

Here's is my menu ideas for the upcoming week. This past week I cleaned out and unplug a freezer that seemed to be running all the time and I know that means my electric bill is running up as well.  Our fridge is stuffed with food to be eaten, so it's like leftovers all week kind of cooking.

French Toast with homemade syrup
Yogurt - Homemade in the crockpot
Eggs and toast

Lunch and dinner:
Sloppy Lentils
Chicken pot pie

Snacks and desserts:
Applesauce cake
Banana Bread with chocolate chips made in my bread machine (I never made this last week)
Ice cream cones

I did not follow the plan last week.  I've been too busy to keep the fridge stocked like I usually do.  I love Fall but it is by far the busiest time of year.   My kitchen is a disaster but in a canning way of disaster.  

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