Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hopes and Goals

As Alaska settles into Fall, I decided to set some goals for myself.  With the long, dark days, it is so easy to hibernate here during the winter, but I am going to try and stay focused.  Here is the list of goals I will work on, some very easy and others will not be.

Rest - The bags under my eyes will tell you how sleep deprived I am.  It is so easy to get in this state during summer.  The long Alaska days would typically wake me up at 5:30 and I'd often be up until after midnight doing projects.  My goal is to have Stormy and I tucked into bed before 10:00pm and stay in bed until 6:00am.

Exercise - During the cold, dark winter, outside exercise becomes burdensome for me.  I don't mind the cold or the snow but I detest the wind, and winters here are windy.  My goal will continue to be to get at least 40 minutes of exercise in the fresh air.  I will count toward exercise time spent playing with Stormy and hauling firewood.  Most of my cardio exercise will be inside on the hated elliptical with the goal of 30 minutes, 5 times a week.

Diet - Six weeks ago, I started the 5:2 Fast Diet and I love it.  I am slowing shedding pounds but I have found some amazing health benefits with it.  My joints are feeling so much better, my skin problems are clearing up and energy abounds. Here is a link to the documentary.  I tried without success to upload the video.

Bible - We read the Bible daily as a family and our schedule of reading allows us to read the entire Bible in one year, and the Proverbs twelve times a year.  We are continuing to do a verse by verse study of the book of Revelation with the help of this series
My personal Bible goal is to begin a program of Bible memorization.  I'm starting somewhat small with a couple of Psalms I picked out with the goal of memorizing the Sermon on the Mount.  A larger goal is to work on  soul winning.

Research - I love learning and my brain seldom shuts off.  A couple of the research projects that I want to do includes HAARP, raising goats and chickens in Alaska and the Constitution.

Hobbies - I haven't picked out any new hobbies to learn.  I'm still perfecting my knitting loom and soap making skills.  It is time to figure out what I will be gifting this year.

Food Storage - I need to replenish the food storage that I have used and catalog what I actually have.  I am still working on getting all the GMO foods out of the kitchen.  This weekend I am trying out some pancake syrup recipes.  We just emptied the last of Mrs Butterworth and she is kicked out of the house!

Home Business & Work - I have not been focusing on our online business at all.  It's there and sales trickle in but I have not made much effort with it.  My husband, on the other hand, has been very busy with it.  I need to give him more of a helping hand.  As for my job, I will keep trying my best to help out where I can.  I really want to work on encouraging and supporting my coworkers and new boss

Family - I need to have a better connection with my extended family.  It seems days, weeks and months will go by without any contact.  I need to make this goal a priority.

Facebook - I'm slowly giving up on Facebook, the only thing that keeps my there is the connection to my family.  I love that I can see what my cousins and Aunts are up to but it does waste time.  I'd like to only check in on Facebook once a week with a bigger goal of once a month.  As I work on connecting with my family outside of Facebook ,I hope to  delete my account.

I think that about does it.  I will see how I am doing in January and work out the bugs.  Here's to a hibernation free winter!

Lovin' life but trying not to hibernate...naps are optional.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Down the Rabbit Hole - MK ULTRA

I am probably jumping to far down the rabbit hole with this post, but I've been sick lately and it has afforded me the time to do a research project and I wanted to share what I have learned.  To start off, everything in my blog in just my opinion and badly written.  Most of my research has been done with the help of the internet and I haven't personally verified each source, but I only share what I feel is correct.

What I want to write about is mind control, specifically the MK Ultra program.  I still have much to learn, but since the Sandy Hook shootings, it has been on my mind.  I belive that all the recent events that are happening, such as the Boston Marathon bombing, the shootings at the naval shipyard, and Sandy Hook are real tragedies.  I just think that there is much more to the story than the mainstream news will ever tell you about.

The MK Ultra program is very sinister.  For those who like a movie analogy, think along the lines of the Bourne Trilogy.  It appears to be in the control of DARPA, but it goes way beyond that.  

Victims or operatives in the program appear to have one major thing in common.  All seem to be victims of abuse, the worst kind of sexual, physical and  psychological abuse you can think of.  These children are either born into the program or the government will find parents that have abused their children from infancy and "buy" the children from them.  Why is this?  Because when a child, especially an infant is abused, the mind will shut down areas and create let's say "boxes" in which the mind will contain the abuse.  This leads to dissociative disorders (formerly multi-personality syndrome).  Because these "boxes" or neuro pathways are constantly being formed (to cope with the repeated abuse coupled with mind controlled techniques) more of the brain, and different areas of the brain are being used.  This leads to what would seem to be "gifts".  These victims will develop photographic memories, acute eyesight and perceptive abilities.  I would like to show you a few examples of ones that have developed the more acute eyesight.  You can see how wide their eyes are as they take everything in. (I apologize for the poor quality)

Adam Lanza - Sandy Hook Shooter

James Holmes - Aurora Theater Shooter

Nidal Hassan - Ft Hood Shooter

Seung Hui Choi - Viginia Tech Shooter
All of these men are suspected MK Ultra Operatives and were programmed to go through with their agendas.  It is pretty easy to see the widen eyes.  I am sure there are many more examples out there but these are the first four that I thought of.  If you would like to do more research on your own, I would encourage you to read up on Operation Paperclip (Hitler)  and I also found the life story of Cathy O'Brien credible.  You can find more videos of her on You Tube.

Why did it happen, why did all these men open up on innocent people and kill them?  It is all part of the plan on gun control.  President Obama has made no secret that he wants us all to voluntarily turn in our guns, for our own good and protection.  In truth, it is part of global scheme for the New World Order.  To usher in the New World Order with the people's approval, there will, without a doubt, be a third world war.  Most people will agree that the US will be a huge player in the war, and it will come to our soil.  Now in order for the war to succeed here, the powers that be want you disarmed.  Right now, anyone foolish enough to invade us would have a very hard time fighting.  Not only is there the military to deal with but a large part of the population here is armed and will defend themselves and join up to make a militia.  Disarm all the people and the job gets much simpler, especially if you believe that the military, although made up of very good soldiers, is in the control of an evil government.  It has always been part of the game plan.
Another area of MK Ultra that I should bring up is the Monarch program.  I hesitate to bring it up, because I am not a Hollywood person or watch sports but many are.  The Monarch program includes the biggest stars in Hollywood.  These are the ones that come into super stardom, but you are often left to wonder what makes them so special. Let me throw out a few names to get my point across.  Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Mariah Carey are a few that always come up.  Ever notice how these ones always have Butterfly (Monarch) symbolism around.

There are even those in Hollywood that come out and openly speak about "selling their souls to the devil" and becoming (Illuminati) slaves.  These will include Jay Z, Beyonce, Bob Dylan, Lil Wayne and Kanye West all have videos that you can watch in which they openly talk about it.  If you would like to look into it yourself, I would suggest starting with Roseanne Barr.  

What does this have to do with you and I?  It is all about promoting the agenda.  Music  plays such a role on our mind.  It has ushered in the "Hippie" years, and the gangsta revolution.  It promotes sex and drugs and the darker side.  All things are developed to distract you and brainwash you.  How many of us, after a long day of work, just want to go home and veg out in front of the TV?  While we are doing that we are getting fed the bigger agenda and you better believe that there are plenty of subliminal messages in there.

I think I have rambled enough.  I'll try to get a more concise blog out in the future but for now I feel better for sharing.  

Lovin' life with the TV turned off

Monday, September 23, 2013

Jury Duty & the Duty of the Juror

This past summer I was called in for jury duty.  It was the first time in my life that I ever had to appear in the courthouse and I must say it was eye-opening.  Let me set the stage a bit.

I live in a small town in Alaska.  I affectionately refer to it as the most redneck town in the state.  The  residents of our community are hard working and conservative.  I love it here and fit right in..

The town in which I had to report in is the exact opposite.  It's an artsy, liberal town and it is a mystery to me on how it survives.  The only obvious source of income is tourism and fishing.  I would say it is solidly middle class and everybody drives a Subaru.  It is Alaska's poster child for Agenda 21.  People who live there seem to love it but it is not my cup o tea.  

The first case I was called on was a DUI and I was quickly excused.  Apparently the defense is not comfortable with jurors who do not drink.  The second case I was called into was a different matter.  It took a better part of a week to seat the jury and I did my utmost to get out of it but despite my efforts, I was seated.  As a side note, it was fascinating to see how competitive people are in wanting to serve.  There were actually people who starting crying when they were excused.  Crazy.

It was a sexual abuse against a minor case.  The abuse took place within the family with the plaintiffs and defendant being cousins.  It was an awful story but equally as awful is our justice system.  Most of the evidence of the case seemed to center on some taped telephone conversations.  Right away that got my hackles up.  I hate that our private conversations can be recorded and used against us. It gets worse, much worse.  I was horrified to learn that not only can an American be taped without his knowledge but the person calling is allowed to and encouraged to lie in order to illicit a confession.  The girls in this case repeatedly called the defendant and begged, coerced and even bribed him into confessing.

As soon as the case was handed over to us, my fellow jurors were ready to hang him and I mean within 5 minutes.  As soon as the foreperson was named, she called for a vote and I was the only holdout.  It wasn't that I didn't think he was guilty, but as a constitution loving American, I was offended.  My fellow juror were not impressed.  At all.

The jurors, with the exception of a great guy named George, were all typical of the town they lived in.  Each day they showed up with their Starbucks coffee, wearing their Patagonia vests and vegan shoes.  The would have endless debates about the latest sustainability project.  Not that I am per se against such things, but it doesn't take long to realize that there is not a single original thought among them.  The moment I enjoyed most is when the court clerk confiscated all of their smartphones.  There was some serious dysfunction among them without their lifeline.

For three days I stood my ground that I would not convict him on any of the phone conversations in which they lied.  As soon as I made that statement, for a brief time, George stood with me.  I simply stated that if I was on trial in there, I would hope that there was a juror like me forcing the issue.  With much rolling of the eyes, we settled in to look at photos and actually read the transcript.

As all this was going on, my husband decides that this would be a wonderful opportunity for me to buy some ammo.   We don't "go to town" very often, and the store that sold ammo  had a policy of one box per person, per day.   The teenager wanted to do some target practicing with his .22 and we needed some extra boxes.  The first day I went to purchase the shell all went well.  They even allowed my husband to place a phone order and I was allowed to buy my box and pick up his.  The following day I went back up to the store and asked for a box of .22 long rifle shells.  The clerk ignores me and walk away.  I go and pick up a few things we need and go back over when he returns.  He still ignores me but then the manager walks up.  The manager informs me that they have checked my records, and  I have been tagged as a high volume buyer and have been banned from any more ammo purchases.  High volume really?  Yesterday was the first and only box of shells I have bought in my lifetime.  I point that out, as well as the fact that I am within their store policy to buy one box per day.  Apparently, they don't really mean it, what they really mean is you can buy one box per decade.  I put down the items that I have picked up and inform them that I would not be customer in a store that would not stand by their policies.  At that point, they offered me the box of ammo, which I did purchase, off the record and with cash.  This did not bode will for my fellow jurors.  I am now righteously furious.

In the end, we did convict the man on all the charges.  There was enough evidence to do so without the phone conversations.  Please remember, I always thought he was guilty, I simply stood up for some rights that all Americans should have and pushed it.  Some kind of wonderful happened as I was leaving.  Many of my fellow jurors stopped me in the parking lot to shake my hand or hug me.  All of them thanked me for making them take the time and make sure of their conviction. 

Hopefully somewhere it was put on my record, that I am a difficult juror and am banned from jury duty.  

Lovin' life and the Constitution!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Achoo! Home Remedies for My Cold

For the first time in many, many years I am sick.  I knew that there was a cold/flu going around the community but usually these things pass me by.  Not only am I sick, but my household with the exception of the mechanic, is sick as well.  Certainly, not how I wanted to spend the weekend.

Stormy came down with it first but recovered in only a couple of days and  I suspect I caught it from her.  In a weak moment, desperate for sleep, I scooped her up and had her sleep in our bed when she was finding it hard to breathe.  She was just so pitiful laying in her bed, saying "help, help" in her sweet little voice.  

It has given me the opportunity to test our some home remedies that I've been studying up on.  I do have cold & flu medicine in the house, but in the past I have alway hated taking it because it makes me feel as bad as the illness.  Here are a few things I have been doing that have helped to ease my suffering.

Earlier this year I made some homemade "Vicks" rub.  It basically is a mixture of coconut oil, melted down and your choice of essential oils.  I chose to put in mine some lavender and eucalyptus.  I've been rubbing it on my temples, chest and throat area.  I've read that rubbing on the soles of the feet is beneficial but I can't say that I've noticed a difference there.

I have also been snorting some warm salt water.  I must admit that I dread it, there is nothing pleasant about the process, but the results are wonderul.  It breaks up the mucus in the sinus cavity nicely.

I've been making some ginger tea to drink and it has been the best remedy for the chest congestion.  I put some of my dehydrated ginger slices and garlic in a saucepan and let it simmer most of the day.  When I want some, I add some lemon juice and raw honey to it.  Throughout the day I keep replenishing the water in the saucepan.  I credit this with keeping my lungs clear, while the rest of the community is complaining of chest congestion and a bad cough.  

I do have a low grade temperature but so far I am letting that ride itself out.  I don't believe in artificially reducing a low grade temperature with meds.  I am tempted to use some of the yarrow I harvested this year to break the fever but unless it climbs up over 102, I will continue to let my body fight off this virus.

Have I missed anything?  I am doubling up on vitamin C and making sure I take the rest of my vitamins, which I have been forgetting lately.  Today is a day off and I'm doing my best to relax but I am sneaking in a few chores here and there.

Lovin life with a box of Kleenex by my side...well, a roll of toilet paper anyway.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Food Storage - Easier Said Than Done

By this time I was spinning out of control.  The only thing I was sure of was my salvation.    I needed a task to keep me busy and to give me a feeling of well-being.  I turned my attention to food storage, it's a mommy thing.

I spent quality time with my laptop making an elaborate spreadsheet to track all the food I would be putting in storage and how much we would need to store.  My goal was to come up with four years of storage to cover the family's needs.

That is all fine and dandy on the excel worksheet but not so in reality.  Right away, I see obstacles.  We live in a small house with no basement or attic, so space is a problem.  Financially, it is expensive.  For a while I bought two of everything that was non-perishable.  As in, one bag of noodles for now and one for storage.  After a few shopping trips it was evident that doubling our food budget was putting a strain on the rest of our expenses.  We needed a better plan.

For storage, we explored the idea of a root cellar, but our water table is high, and we do live in Alaska so that is not very practical.  The very easy answer to our problem is a dehydrator.  We bought the best we could afford (Excalibur 9 trays) and it has been running non-stop.  You can reduce a huge amount of food into a very small space. (I will share examples in a future post)

For the financial end, we are doing our best to absorb the cost.  I started buying in bulk through Azure Standard with a set monthly budget of $250.  I don't always place a monthly order, but when I do it is with food storage in mind.  It is a great place to buy organic, non-gmo food.

Problems solved?  Not even close!  Now, we find that we are eating up the food storage and not gaining much ground on it. Also, the family is getting annoyed that I keep grabbing all the food and sticking it in the dehydrator, which we then eat.  Ugggh, wasted effort, we should have just eaten the fresh apples.  

A portion of my dehydrated food storage

We also have to face the very harsh reality of hanging on to our food storage.  When  times get tough, hard decisions will have to be made.  You will have hungry neighbors, friends and family.  There will also be hungry mobs who will stop at no means to get what is yours.  If that isn't bad enough, it is written that our government has the right and will use that right to seize what they consider hoarded up and "distribute" it to the needy.  Kind of makes you discouraged  to keep carrying on.

The single, best alternative I have found is foraging.  Stormy and I spent the summer wandering the woods and yard, learning about various plants and mushrooms.  Not saying that we love all that we pick but at least we know what is edible.  I do love dandelions and clover, which are great in salads and tea.  They are pretty high in nutrients and grow from spring to fall.  I believe that everyone should buy a comprehensive book about foraging in the area that you live in.  Foraged food is superior to a garden it the sense that it plants and cultivates itself.  Not that I want to give up the garden or greenhouse, but both of those will fall victim to the hungry mobs.  I'm pretty sure the mobs will walk past the Sorrel.  

We ate the dandelions and infused the rest for soaps and lotions.

I'll be writing more detailed post about long term storage, dehydrating and foraging.  For now this is what we are working toward but we are always learning.

Lovin' life with a full heart and belly.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

The First Step

It's a funny thing when your rose colored blinders come off and you see the world for what it is.  You actually go through the whole greiving process as when a loved one dies.  When you first wake up there is denial.  The next emotion I felt was withdrawl.  My whole focus was to gather up my family and move to the middle of the wilderness and hide.  Then you feel acceptance, followed by utter disillusionment.  Right now, I am angry.  

The anger is good.  It gives me courage to speak out and blog again.  I really cannot pin point when it turned to anger but reading about the Syria conflict made me realize that I am not doing enough.  I don't believe that the Syria conflict will turn into WWIII but I do believe it will set the table and it it time to warn people.

It is Sunday today and as I start writing this.  The most important step you can do, even if it is the only thing that you do, is to make sure of your salvation.  The bottom line is, what can man do to you if you are safe in the arms of the Lord?  Do you know if you are going to Heaven if you were to die today?  Do you want to know how?  I would love to show you how.

For many this is a personal step.  If you would like to talk to me about it, please feel free to email me at and I will be happy to email, message you or call you and share the Bible's message of salvation and the hope found in it.

In a later blog, when I have time to sit down and actually outline and prepare, I will share many Bible verses but for this morning the fire is burning too hot and I just wanted to type out this quick message and make the offer to contact you.  

It's time for me to join my family for worship.  We will be listening to Pastor Anderson this morning and studying the Bible.  May you enjoy this day as well.

Lovin' life and the Lord

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Waking Up with Alternative Media

My story continues the next week.  I'm at work and a co-worker tells me about a movie.  He can't remember the name of it but it was how this one guy was predicting the next world war.  How it would be nuclear and between the USA, Russia and China.  I'm still freaking about what I learned about the end times prophecy, so I'm very curious about it but he just doesn't remember  the name of it.

In the meantime, I was also curious about the preacher in the After the Tribulation movie we had been watching.  I google Pastor Steve Anderson and check out his websites, facebook as well as his wife's blog.  One day, she was very excited to announce that her husband was being interviewed by Alex Jones.  I have absolutely no idea who Alex Jones is but I tune into his show to watch the interview.  That was all good but what happens next floored me.  There on his show is the movie that the my co-worker was talking about it.  The movie was Strategic Relocation and the guest was Joel Skousen.  (Yes, Lord, I'm listening)

That was my introduction to what would become my two main sources of alternative media.  Immediately I was impressed with Joel Skousen.  His manner and delivery spoke volumes to me.  That evening I watched Strategic Relocation twice and it opened my eyes wider to the thought of preparing, with a special focus on where to live and how to prepare your home.  In the past 6 months, I have read two of his books and I subscribe to his news brief.  He truly is the voice of reason in these times and my most trustest source.

Alex Jones is a whole different animal.  A more passionate person you may never meet.  Some  people find him annoying and over the top (including my husband).  I get him and once you understand that he is just passionate, you start to appreciate his personality.  You have to at least watch or listen to him for a couple of weeks and then he will grow on you.  Of all people, he truly understands what is going on in the world and what the source is.  He has put out some tuly awesome documentaries.  My favorite and where I encourage everyone to start is The Obama Deception.  He is the one that has begun my education on the New World Order, false flags, the Bilderberg group, Agenda 21 and much, much more.  Check out his website - Infowars.

The other daily media source that I read is The Drudge Report.  It is just a no-nonsense website full of articles that will keep you up to date.  

So there you go, the second part of my journey.  The links I put in for the movies are on you tube. I am a subscriber to prisonplanet TV where you can view them in HD and see the extras.  I am willing to share my password information for any who truly desire it.

username: akfreedom
password:  greatland

I believe that 11 viewers can be signed in at one time so feel free to use it and share it at will.  It is my small start to spreading the word.

Through my research,  it seems likely that World War III will be nuclear and perhaps the trigger to end times prophecy we read of in the Bible.  It also seems it will happen soon and I mean as in the next 10 years.

So what now?

Lovin' life with an eye on the times!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Red Pill

OK, so here we go.  The real reason that I want to start blogging again.  This is not easy for me to write about.  Many of my friends and family will think it is time for the straight jacket but in light of what is going on in world events, I cannot keep it in.  Fair warning,  I have several posts in the works because I am going to do my best to wake you up or in terms of the movie The Matrix - I am going to offer you the Red Pill.  As a matter of fact, watch the movie because it is a completely symbolic of what is going on.  Here is my story of swallowing the Red Pill.

First, a bit of background about myself and my mate.  I have been a christian for all of my adult life, albeit a confused christian when it comes to doctrine.  With the exception of the Catholic and Mormon Church, it feels like I've tested out all the denominations.  Nick's mom  led him to the Lord when he was 8 and has been raised in and around the Baptist church (independent & fundamental).  Since we married we have not found a church home.  I am to the point where I know that I love the Lord and the Bible and I just want to practice what I read in the Bible and not   man made doctrine.   This is no doubt the reason we are having a hard time finding a good church to meet our needs.  

To meet our spiritual needs we study the Bible daily and have a collection of  few, choice evangelist that we listen to.  One of those evangelist is Kent Hovind.  Dr. Hovind has a Creation Series that is the best out there.  I've listened to his entire series numerous times and never found anything that he said that I could not agree with doctrinally.  Peppered throughout his messages where statements that I didn't always understand until recently.

So here we go, this is where life started to get strange for me...

It all started New Years Eve 2012 when we were invited to a friends house for dinner.  Lois is a sweet christian friend of mine and she wanted us to meet a close friend of hers that recently had a book published.  Jerry is a very interesting man that I enjoyed visiting with so when I went home I immediately downloaded the book to my Kindle.

Discovery to Catastrophe!
 I started reading the book thinking that it would be fun to see how our hometown would be depicted.  The next morning even before the coffee was made, I started chatting with my husband about what I was reading.  I told him that I was enjoying the book, but Jerry had this crazy idea that Christians would be here on earth during the Great Tribulation.  My husband scoffed at the idea and said that there is no way.  We have all been taught that the rapture would occur before that.  That was comforting and exactly what I wanted to hear.  I continued to read the book and a couple of days later I mentioned to my husband again about the scriptures that he was quoting and that perhaps we should search them out.  Again, we basically just shrugged it off.

That Sunday I went online to make a donation.  We try donate to various missionaries, evangelist or programs that we support as our way of tithing (remember we do not belong to a church but firmly believe in supporting the work).  I decided it was time to contribute to Dr. Hovind.  At this time, Dr Hovind is being persecuted for his preaching and is serving a prison sentence.  He has a blog that I read so I popped into his site and could not believe my eyes.  Right there is in his blog he was saying the same thing that I was reading in Jerry's book.  What?  Wasn't it just a week ago I stated that he was the only evangelist that I trusted?  And now this?  Whoa!  I immediately read it to Nick in disbelief.  (read it for yourself here)  Please do read the message and look up the scriptures.  Dr. Hovind lays it out much better than I can.  In that message he links to this movie.!/HOME!/HOME 

We watched the movie with our mouths hanging open.  We immediately watched it again with our Bibles open instead of our mouths and carefully searched the scriptures.  We stayed up most of the night in discussion.  The next morning, I woke up convinced probably because I wasn't firmly established in the rapture doctrine.  My husband woke up in denial and started trying to disprove the notion.  In the end the truth always wins.  When you line up the events, it was clear to us that the holy spirit was leading us to the truth.   It still took about a week of discussing and debating for us to accept it.  Christians will be here for a portion of the great tribulation.  Think about the events that is spoken about during that time...persecution, beheading, not having the ability to buy or can a person prepare for that?  It left us with so many questions.

I cannot encourage you enough to watch the movie.  Please do so with an open mind and an opened Bible. My story doesn't end here but this post does.  I have so much to tell you but I want to give you a chance to read the blog and watch the movie.

Lovin' life with eyes wide open.  

*Saying a prayer for courage to hit the publish button*

Monday, September 2, 2013

Maybe I'll Start Blogging Again - A Boring Update

It has been forever since I've been on this blog.  Mainly it would be due to the fact that we did
close down one of our online music stores.  AK Music Storm went offline last January and I really do not miss it.  It never showed much of a profit and it was much more to manage than selling on Amazon or eBay, which we are still doing.  It was a nice bonus that eBay changed adjusted how they charge their various fee and it is working out nicely to our favor.  Thank you eBay!  Amazon has been showing some success as well but there is so much competition out there that we barely make a dent at times.

Here is a link to our ebay store: Spindrift Gifts.  The Mechanic has been posting quite a few iPods for sale.
Earlier this year, we did inventory and decided to make some major changes.  We analyzed our sales and decided to narrow down what genres we would offer.  Our favorite and best seller was Classic Rock but we were not making a profit.  Pop, Dance and R&B had good sales but again, no profit.  You had to be willing to sale at the lowest price because the market is saturated.  So, what did we find that sells and makes a profit??  Believe it or not, Opera and New Age.   
Jim Brickman

We sell Enya and Yanni all day long.  George Winston, Tim Janis and David Lanz usually within a week of posting.  It really is beautiful music that we enjoy in our home.  It still takes me back when I walk in the shop and hear the mechanic listening to Lindsay Stirling instead of Boston.
David Lanz

Well, that's the update on our store.  I'm glad to have this post out of the way because believe me, I just read it and it is really, really boring.  

I can't wait to share with you the more interesting changes that we have made, and the real reason that I dusted off this blog site.  

Still lovin' life but not this post.  Stay tuned!