Saturday, September 14, 2013

Waking Up with Alternative Media

My story continues the next week.  I'm at work and a co-worker tells me about a movie.  He can't remember the name of it but it was how this one guy was predicting the next world war.  How it would be nuclear and between the USA, Russia and China.  I'm still freaking about what I learned about the end times prophecy, so I'm very curious about it but he just doesn't remember  the name of it.

In the meantime, I was also curious about the preacher in the After the Tribulation movie we had been watching.  I google Pastor Steve Anderson and check out his websites, facebook as well as his wife's blog.  One day, she was very excited to announce that her husband was being interviewed by Alex Jones.  I have absolutely no idea who Alex Jones is but I tune into his show to watch the interview.  That was all good but what happens next floored me.  There on his show is the movie that the my co-worker was talking about it.  The movie was Strategic Relocation and the guest was Joel Skousen.  (Yes, Lord, I'm listening)

That was my introduction to what would become my two main sources of alternative media.  Immediately I was impressed with Joel Skousen.  His manner and delivery spoke volumes to me.  That evening I watched Strategic Relocation twice and it opened my eyes wider to the thought of preparing, with a special focus on where to live and how to prepare your home.  In the past 6 months, I have read two of his books and I subscribe to his news brief.  He truly is the voice of reason in these times and my most trustest source.

Alex Jones is a whole different animal.  A more passionate person you may never meet.  Some  people find him annoying and over the top (including my husband).  I get him and once you understand that he is just passionate, you start to appreciate his personality.  You have to at least watch or listen to him for a couple of weeks and then he will grow on you.  Of all people, he truly understands what is going on in the world and what the source is.  He has put out some tuly awesome documentaries.  My favorite and where I encourage everyone to start is The Obama Deception.  He is the one that has begun my education on the New World Order, false flags, the Bilderberg group, Agenda 21 and much, much more.  Check out his website - Infowars.

The other daily media source that I read is The Drudge Report.  It is just a no-nonsense website full of articles that will keep you up to date.  

So there you go, the second part of my journey.  The links I put in for the movies are on you tube. I am a subscriber to prisonplanet TV where you can view them in HD and see the extras.  I am willing to share my password information for any who truly desire it.

username: akfreedom
password:  greatland

I believe that 11 viewers can be signed in at one time so feel free to use it and share it at will.  It is my small start to spreading the word.

Through my research,  it seems likely that World War III will be nuclear and perhaps the trigger to end times prophecy we read of in the Bible.  It also seems it will happen soon and I mean as in the next 10 years.

So what now?

Lovin' life with an eye on the times!

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