Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Red Pill

OK, so here we go.  The real reason that I want to start blogging again.  This is not easy for me to write about.  Many of my friends and family will think it is time for the straight jacket but in light of what is going on in world events, I cannot keep it in.  Fair warning,  I have several posts in the works because I am going to do my best to wake you up or in terms of the movie The Matrix - I am going to offer you the Red Pill.  As a matter of fact, watch the movie because it is a completely symbolic of what is going on.  Here is my story of swallowing the Red Pill.

First, a bit of background about myself and my mate.  I have been a christian for all of my adult life, albeit a confused christian when it comes to doctrine.  With the exception of the Catholic and Mormon Church, it feels like I've tested out all the denominations.  Nick's mom  led him to the Lord when he was 8 and has been raised in and around the Baptist church (independent & fundamental).  Since we married we have not found a church home.  I am to the point where I know that I love the Lord and the Bible and I just want to practice what I read in the Bible and not   man made doctrine.   This is no doubt the reason we are having a hard time finding a good church to meet our needs.  

To meet our spiritual needs we study the Bible daily and have a collection of  few, choice evangelist that we listen to.  One of those evangelist is Kent Hovind.  Dr. Hovind has a Creation Series that is the best out there.  I've listened to his entire series numerous times and never found anything that he said that I could not agree with doctrinally.  Peppered throughout his messages where statements that I didn't always understand until recently.

So here we go, this is where life started to get strange for me...

It all started New Years Eve 2012 when we were invited to a friends house for dinner.  Lois is a sweet christian friend of mine and she wanted us to meet a close friend of hers that recently had a book published.  Jerry is a very interesting man that I enjoyed visiting with so when I went home I immediately downloaded the book to my Kindle.

Discovery to Catastrophe!
 I started reading the book thinking that it would be fun to see how our hometown would be depicted.  The next morning even before the coffee was made, I started chatting with my husband about what I was reading.  I told him that I was enjoying the book, but Jerry had this crazy idea that Christians would be here on earth during the Great Tribulation.  My husband scoffed at the idea and said that there is no way.  We have all been taught that the rapture would occur before that.  That was comforting and exactly what I wanted to hear.  I continued to read the book and a couple of days later I mentioned to my husband again about the scriptures that he was quoting and that perhaps we should search them out.  Again, we basically just shrugged it off.

That Sunday I went online to make a donation.  We try donate to various missionaries, evangelist or programs that we support as our way of tithing (remember we do not belong to a church but firmly believe in supporting the work).  I decided it was time to contribute to Dr. Hovind.  At this time, Dr Hovind is being persecuted for his preaching and is serving a prison sentence.  He has a blog that I read so I popped into his site and could not believe my eyes.  Right there is in his blog he was saying the same thing that I was reading in Jerry's book.  What?  Wasn't it just a week ago I stated that he was the only evangelist that I trusted?  And now this?  Whoa!  I immediately read it to Nick in disbelief.  (read it for yourself here)  Please do read the message and look up the scriptures.  Dr. Hovind lays it out much better than I can.  In that message he links to this movie.!/HOME!/HOME 

We watched the movie with our mouths hanging open.  We immediately watched it again with our Bibles open instead of our mouths and carefully searched the scriptures.  We stayed up most of the night in discussion.  The next morning, I woke up convinced probably because I wasn't firmly established in the rapture doctrine.  My husband woke up in denial and started trying to disprove the notion.  In the end the truth always wins.  When you line up the events, it was clear to us that the holy spirit was leading us to the truth.   It still took about a week of discussing and debating for us to accept it.  Christians will be here for a portion of the great tribulation.  Think about the events that is spoken about during that time...persecution, beheading, not having the ability to buy or can a person prepare for that?  It left us with so many questions.

I cannot encourage you enough to watch the movie.  Please do so with an open mind and an opened Bible. My story doesn't end here but this post does.  I have so much to tell you but I want to give you a chance to read the blog and watch the movie.

Lovin' life with eyes wide open.  

*Saying a prayer for courage to hit the publish button*

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