Monday, September 2, 2013

Maybe I'll Start Blogging Again - A Boring Update

It has been forever since I've been on this blog.  Mainly it would be due to the fact that we did
close down one of our online music stores.  AK Music Storm went offline last January and I really do not miss it.  It never showed much of a profit and it was much more to manage than selling on Amazon or eBay, which we are still doing.  It was a nice bonus that eBay changed adjusted how they charge their various fee and it is working out nicely to our favor.  Thank you eBay!  Amazon has been showing some success as well but there is so much competition out there that we barely make a dent at times.

Here is a link to our ebay store: Spindrift Gifts.  The Mechanic has been posting quite a few iPods for sale.
Earlier this year, we did inventory and decided to make some major changes.  We analyzed our sales and decided to narrow down what genres we would offer.  Our favorite and best seller was Classic Rock but we were not making a profit.  Pop, Dance and R&B had good sales but again, no profit.  You had to be willing to sale at the lowest price because the market is saturated.  So, what did we find that sells and makes a profit??  Believe it or not, Opera and New Age.   
Jim Brickman

We sell Enya and Yanni all day long.  George Winston, Tim Janis and David Lanz usually within a week of posting.  It really is beautiful music that we enjoy in our home.  It still takes me back when I walk in the shop and hear the mechanic listening to Lindsay Stirling instead of Boston.
David Lanz

Well, that's the update on our store.  I'm glad to have this post out of the way because believe me, I just read it and it is really, really boring.  

I can't wait to share with you the more interesting changes that we have made, and the real reason that I dusted off this blog site.  

Still lovin' life but not this post.  Stay tuned!


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