Thursday, September 26, 2013

Down the Rabbit Hole - MK ULTRA

I am probably jumping to far down the rabbit hole with this post, but I've been sick lately and it has afforded me the time to do a research project and I wanted to share what I have learned.  To start off, everything in my blog in just my opinion and badly written.  Most of my research has been done with the help of the internet and I haven't personally verified each source, but I only share what I feel is correct.

What I want to write about is mind control, specifically the MK Ultra program.  I still have much to learn, but since the Sandy Hook shootings, it has been on my mind.  I belive that all the recent events that are happening, such as the Boston Marathon bombing, the shootings at the naval shipyard, and Sandy Hook are real tragedies.  I just think that there is much more to the story than the mainstream news will ever tell you about.

The MK Ultra program is very sinister.  For those who like a movie analogy, think along the lines of the Bourne Trilogy.  It appears to be in the control of DARPA, but it goes way beyond that.  

Victims or operatives in the program appear to have one major thing in common.  All seem to be victims of abuse, the worst kind of sexual, physical and  psychological abuse you can think of.  These children are either born into the program or the government will find parents that have abused their children from infancy and "buy" the children from them.  Why is this?  Because when a child, especially an infant is abused, the mind will shut down areas and create let's say "boxes" in which the mind will contain the abuse.  This leads to dissociative disorders (formerly multi-personality syndrome).  Because these "boxes" or neuro pathways are constantly being formed (to cope with the repeated abuse coupled with mind controlled techniques) more of the brain, and different areas of the brain are being used.  This leads to what would seem to be "gifts".  These victims will develop photographic memories, acute eyesight and perceptive abilities.  I would like to show you a few examples of ones that have developed the more acute eyesight.  You can see how wide their eyes are as they take everything in. (I apologize for the poor quality)

Adam Lanza - Sandy Hook Shooter

James Holmes - Aurora Theater Shooter

Nidal Hassan - Ft Hood Shooter

Seung Hui Choi - Viginia Tech Shooter
All of these men are suspected MK Ultra Operatives and were programmed to go through with their agendas.  It is pretty easy to see the widen eyes.  I am sure there are many more examples out there but these are the first four that I thought of.  If you would like to do more research on your own, I would encourage you to read up on Operation Paperclip (Hitler)  and I also found the life story of Cathy O'Brien credible.  You can find more videos of her on You Tube.

Why did it happen, why did all these men open up on innocent people and kill them?  It is all part of the plan on gun control.  President Obama has made no secret that he wants us all to voluntarily turn in our guns, for our own good and protection.  In truth, it is part of global scheme for the New World Order.  To usher in the New World Order with the people's approval, there will, without a doubt, be a third world war.  Most people will agree that the US will be a huge player in the war, and it will come to our soil.  Now in order for the war to succeed here, the powers that be want you disarmed.  Right now, anyone foolish enough to invade us would have a very hard time fighting.  Not only is there the military to deal with but a large part of the population here is armed and will defend themselves and join up to make a militia.  Disarm all the people and the job gets much simpler, especially if you believe that the military, although made up of very good soldiers, is in the control of an evil government.  It has always been part of the game plan.
Another area of MK Ultra that I should bring up is the Monarch program.  I hesitate to bring it up, because I am not a Hollywood person or watch sports but many are.  The Monarch program includes the biggest stars in Hollywood.  These are the ones that come into super stardom, but you are often left to wonder what makes them so special. Let me throw out a few names to get my point across.  Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Mariah Carey are a few that always come up.  Ever notice how these ones always have Butterfly (Monarch) symbolism around.

There are even those in Hollywood that come out and openly speak about "selling their souls to the devil" and becoming (Illuminati) slaves.  These will include Jay Z, Beyonce, Bob Dylan, Lil Wayne and Kanye West all have videos that you can watch in which they openly talk about it.  If you would like to look into it yourself, I would suggest starting with Roseanne Barr.  

What does this have to do with you and I?  It is all about promoting the agenda.  Music  plays such a role on our mind.  It has ushered in the "Hippie" years, and the gangsta revolution.  It promotes sex and drugs and the darker side.  All things are developed to distract you and brainwash you.  How many of us, after a long day of work, just want to go home and veg out in front of the TV?  While we are doing that we are getting fed the bigger agenda and you better believe that there are plenty of subliminal messages in there.

I think I have rambled enough.  I'll try to get a more concise blog out in the future but for now I feel better for sharing.  

Lovin' life with the TV turned off

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