Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kodaks, Alaska and a little rant about the Economy

We are passionate, really down right zealous about our cameras here at AK Music Storm.  I'd estimate that we have close to 200 of them.  Which is why it hurt so much when the economy tanked.  Camera sales were our bread and butter for a long time, but, nada, nothing much happening.  Mostly because we got stubborn and refused to list them for less than what we paid.  Well, after watching sales (and the economy) for the past year we decided to go ahead and sell them.  So our lose is your gain.  We offer the best customer service, if you have any questions on how to operate, need accessories, advice or down the road, any repairs, we are here for you.  Here's a few of the offerings from simple and cheap to more complex and more expensive.
Kodak P712
We were tempted to keep this one for ourselves.  It has super zoom, 7.0 mp.  It comes with a full kit of camera bag, battery, charger and neck strap.
Kodak CD1013
Nice compact, point and shoot camera with high mega pixels, 10.3 to be exact.  
Kodak C180
Love the color on this one.  It also has high megapixels and priced a little cheaper than the CD1013.

Now, here's why we love our cameras.  Just a few shots of where we live.  Alaska is very photogenic and I'd say all of these pictures were taken with a simple, point and shoot cameras. 

Mountains over Homer, Alaska

Baby Moose Twins in yard

Pond in backyard, Alaska

Now, I bet that you live in a great place as well.  It's so awesome to grab the camera, push on, point and shoot.  Hardest part is picking out the model you want.  Click here to see our full selection and here to see more great shots of Alaska.  the rest of it is easy smeasy.

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