Friday, April 20, 2012

Inventory and Pink Tutus

One of my goals in this blog is to write about the experience of opening a home-based business, newbie to newbie.  One of the biggest challenges to date is posting our products for sale.  Our monthly subscription for our store allows us to have 500 products listed.  I think I have about 165, not at all taking advantage of what we are paying for and here's why...

 Meet Stormy, our 2 year old.  She's a very sweet, lovable girl who has declared war with my computer.  I do most of my work on my laptop, in our living room.  I work a 50 hour week, so when I'm home I love to spend it with Stormy and her play area is the living room.  Here's a sample of my typical day.

6:00 - Wake up - think briefly about getting out for a walk or a run on the elliptical.  Turn over and fall asleep.
6:45 - Like synchronized swimmers, hubby and I exit the bed, to minimize the squeaks our floor gives off.  Having given up coffee for espresso we patiently wait our turn at the machine.  Meanwhile I check what orders we have to ship out and pull the stock from the shelves.  
7:30 - The Storm awakens.  She "helps" me get ready for work.  I fight for mirror space while she practices ballet moves and gives herself kisses.
8:15-6:15 - Work.  I work as an office manager for the local dentist.  
6:25 - Home, eat the delicious dinner that the hubby has made and settle in for a night of working on the store.  I choose what CDs I want to post, check on Stormy who is playing nicely with her toys and grab the laptop. 
6:26 - Stormy hears the whir of the machine and immediately wants me to read her a story.  After the story I settle her down with her toys and grab the laptop.  She comes to sit beside me and starts snuggling.  She snuggles her way into my lap giving the computer a hip check.  Next, she sits next to me and tries to teach herself to type with her toes.
6:30 -  In desperation I turn on a DVD, Barbie, for the zillionith time.  It works for about 30 minutes as long as I take the time to help her dance.
7:00 - Hubby comes in and settles in for the evening, I am exhausted from the dancing and topple over on the couch for a power nap.
7:02  Having immediately drifted off to sleep I wake up because something is tickling my nose.  I open my eyes just in time to see a tutu coming in for a landing.  Apparently, through much trial and error, Stormy has learned the fastest way to wake me up is to sit on my head.  Giving up on the nap, I make an espresso.
7:05 - Fueled up, I settle in again.  I give Stormy one of the earbuds and she listens to music with me while I post a CD.  YES!  For the next 40 minutes she's an angel.  
7:45 - I'm getting snuggled up again and resignedly close the computer to spend time with my little girl.  Stormy senses the victory and promptly ignores me.  I won't have any of that and bug her until she's ready for bed.  Can you say tickle torture?
9:00 - Stormy goes to bed.  Ahhhhh, time to settle in again.  But first I wander into Facebook, which means I wander into Castleville...
10:00 Having used up all my energy in Castleville, I hurriedly post another CD and if I'm feeling creative, write out a blog post.
10:45 - Time for bed because I really need to get up at 6:00 and exercise.  The residual coffee in my system keeps me tossing and turning.  So much for the 6:00 exercise program.

Lovin' life right here in Alaska!

(psst.  message me if you want to be my Castleville neighbor) 

Here's what Stormy picked for you today:

Sleepless in Seattle

Dr Hook

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