Thursday, April 5, 2012

Alternative Rain

Have you ever had a hard time picking out music?  You know, you keep scrolling through your iPod, or flipping through your discs.  I'm feeling that way this week about choosing what to post on the store site.  It seems I always go back to what I know and enjoy and tonight is no different.  So while the rain is falling here in Alaska, I posted some alternative rock CDs.  Here's the new offerings.

Fairweather Johnson Hootie & the Blowfish

Collective Soul

Gin blossoms
The 90's were the best for alternative music and these 3 are solid albums.  My good news for you is that they are each priced $3.99.  Right now we are running a 3 for $10 special on all our CDs priced $3.99 and under.  Just use coupon code 123 at checkout. 

Shhhh - just so you know, of all the songs on these albums my favorite is Hey Jealousy by the Gin Blossoms.  What's yours?

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