Saturday, March 31, 2012

dEUS and Tinkerbell

Desiring a distraction today from watching Tinkerbell for the hundredth time with my little girl, I decided to check out some new music and thus came my introduction to dEUS.  To say the least I'm blown away by them.  I had a hard time wanting to listen to the rest of the CD because I found I just wanted to listen to the first track over and over and over.  Trust me, the rest of the album does not disappoint.  Check them out if you like to listen to experimental rock.  It's like and incredible amalgam of classical, jazz and rock.
dEUS Worst Case Scenario
 I was a little skeptical that my next CD to listen to was Captain Yonder.  Another band that I really knew nothing about.  I only listened to a couple of songs and decided to download it for later. It's very melodic, iTunes says the genre is alternative??? but sounds more like folk to me.  

Captain Yonder
If you have any input on these two bands, please fill me in.  Now it's back to Tinkerbell, who needs rescuing and so does my little one.  Where's the pixie dust?

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