Monday, November 4, 2013

I'm Not Granola but...

For the past year I have been making my own skin and hair products.  This weekend I made some shampoo, two different types of lotion and some bath soap.  


Making the products is simple and you get to be creative.  The bath soap in the wooden mold is a goat's milk base and I added some carob, mint and coconut to make a Chocolate Mint soap.  Mmmmm, sounds like a delicious combo to me.  I make my shampoo out of coconut milk and castile soap, depending on my mood I will add different essential oils.  The two different lotions include my everyday type and some bronzing bars I made.  It was interesting to make the bronzing bars.  To make it, you have to infuse coconut oil with coffee for hours.  After awhile, I got tired of babysitting it on the cook stove and moved it over to the wood stove and gave it a stir whenever I had to load up the stove.  I do sell some of my products on eBay in order to get the tax benefits but mostly we use them or I give them away as gifts.

Everybody wants to know why I bother with it all.  It would be easier and, in some cases, cheaper to buy them.  Believe me, I'm not the granola type or an earth muffin but I do believe in organic, toxic free products for a healthy body.  My research has proven to me that the less toxins our body has to eliminate, the more energy and time it has to repair and renew.  Since, I have the goal to live to be 100, this is important to me.  I'd encourage anyone who is currently battling an illness to do their own research about cleansing our bodies and homes from chemicals.  

Lovin' life squeaky clean.

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