Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Reluctant Vegetarian - Thanksgiving menu

For the first time in many, many years, I am cooking Thanksgiving dinner.  Normally, we are invited to my mother-in-laws house and we yummy up all of her cooking.  Unfortunately for our bellies, she is not here.  Time for me to woman up and hit the kitchen.

Here is our menu for the day:

Appetizers: Deviled eggs, olive and cheese tray
Main:  Glazed lentil loaf, stuffing, cranberry sauce, potato salad, whipped sweet potatoes
Desert:  Pumpkin cheesecake, coffee and eggnog

If we were going to my mother in laws, believe me it would be different.  Everyone gets their own pie.  There would be turkey and mashed potatoes, and no doubt, some type of rolls.  I just don't have that ambition in me, and one day of diet killing is sufficient.'

One of the lessons that I have learned this year is nobody wants to come to a vegetarian's house for Thanksgiving dinner.  Ouch, but I understand.  Really thinking about spending the money for an organic turkey next year, but I hear they run about $100 a bird. Yikes!  Talk about gobbling up your checking account.  

The rest of our day will be family time.  Hubby has agreed to spend time with us today, but that is tough on him, he'd rather be working.  It's a bit ironic that as I type this, there are some definite snoring sounds coming from his recliner.  Maybe it's time to join him in a nap.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Lovin' Life and thankful everyday 

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