Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Hated Elliptical

I woke up tired this morning and not motivated.  That must mean that it is time to make a list of things to accomplish and publish it to the world.  I mean, I'd hate to show off to everyone just how lazy I can be.

More than anything, I really need to work on getting my body better.  I am on a wonderful diet, which I will write more about after I have given it more time.  Let's just say, I could do better.

This weekend I will try, try try to...

1.  Drink more water - really just drink more liquids.  I'm feeling very dehydrated

2.  Only eat when hungry - I'm totally sabotaging my weight loss lately with snacking.

3.  Exercise - which means the hated elliptical.  When my treadmill gave up the ghost I thought it would be fun to change things up and buy an elliptical, I was very, very wrong.  I hate every minute of it but I only have room for one piece of equipment and this is it for now.  I may dust off some Paul Lam videos and get in some Tai chi.  If you haven't checked out Paul Lam, you should.

I am a fan of Tai Chi because it forces me to stretch and the video make sure that I do it for the right amount of time.  I know my limits...I will never become a warrior.

Ready, set, go!  Happy weekend to all.

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