Friday, October 25, 2013

Weekend Goals - Progress Updated

Stormy and I are all ready for bedtime, just stories and hugs left to do.  Thought I'd update our progres on these goals, made some and failed others...

I apologize for another boring post but I treat this blog as my personal journal as well.  I have always been a person to write down goals and mark them off a list as I accomplish them.  I won't hold it against you if you skip this post.  I've linked to my favorite recipes.

Kitchen goals:

Make Caprese Quiche x2 (one for Monday's staff lunch and one for the fam)- Sunday
Make Cabbage Soup for fasting days on Tues/Thurs
Load up the dehydrator with apple slices and try not to eat them all up
Make a pot of chickpeas - Dehydrate and make Chana Masala w/Couscous
Make bread
Cookies - Stormy has been asking for them
Note to self:  I need another crockpot...
***Made all of these yummy goals except loading the dehydrator up with the chickpeas - the apples are hogging all the trays at the moment.  The quiche was a winner here at home and the soup is currently cooling down.  The Molasses cookies we made are killing my diet.

Personal goals
Finish Stormy's sock and start MIL Christmas socks
Finish ordering gifts for staff
Order soap base
Take time to read Atlas Shrugged - Part of my yearly reading list
Sleep in Saturday - best goal ever
Load new pictures into digital frame
***I just need to bind off Stormy's sock but I wanted to take a pic. of it before I did and lighting in the house today is horrible (it's a stormy day out there).  Gifts and soap ordered.  I love that all the gifts I ordered were from an educational store.  I was able to read a couple of chapters in Atlas Shrugged - I still don't know who John Gault is but I've learned not to ask questions that cannot be answered.  I slept in Saturday and Sunday.  Grrr, forgot about loading pictures into the digital frame
. Weekly chores:
Scrub bath & kitchen
Make shampoo and bathroom cleaner
***I made the bathroom cleaner and it made it a breeze to clean the kitchen and bath.  One more load of laundry to do tomorrow.  I haven't made the shampoo but I did set aside the coconut milk needed for it from the Chana Masala. 
For Fun
Work with Storm and preschool
Go for walk and puddle splashing
Start cleaning up outside toys - snow is in the forecast
***Storm and I did work on some preschool activities, but failed to get outside much.  Stormy weather kept us in.

Stormy and Zoe rock hunting at the beach

Signs of Fall

Elliptical Sat/Sun 30 mins
50% here, too lazy on Saturday but got her done today!
Family Bible Reading
Sunday Worship
***We,as a family,never miss this unless we are away from home.  We are reading now in Genesis and the message today was about end times prophecy.

That should feel up most of my weekend.  It looks more impressive on "paper" but in truth it won't be hard to accomplish and there will still be loads of time hugs and tickles.

Happy weekend to all!

Always so sad when the weekend winds down but thankful to have a good job to go to.  Hope you all had a great weekend as well!

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