Sunday, October 2, 2016

Food Cost Breakdown - September

Canning and Food Storage
Red potatoes 30 pounds $17.38
Frozen Blueberries for jam $12.79
Celery for soup $1.99
Chicken stock $6.58
Carrots  10 pounds $14.38
Red Onions 11 pounds  $21.97

Total cost of food toward Food Storage $75.09

Pet Supplies
Chick Starter $24.79
Dog Food $32.29

Total cost for pet supplies: $57.08

Monthly Groceries
(A few of these items were bought for a family dinner with my mother in law)

Milk $53.32
Ice Cream bucket $13.19
Ice Cream bars $6.19
Ice cream cones $1.39
Heavy Cream $34.36
Mayo $6.39
Pizza $17.97
Candy for School treats $6.55
Unbleached  Organic Flour $9.39
Cheddar Cheese block $41.08 (one block went to Dee's house)
String Cheese $10.79
BBQ chips $7.89
Orange Juice $4.29
Butter - Organic $19.58
Flour Tortillas (for Dee's Dinner) 3.69
Flour Tortillas - 7.98
Shredded Mozzarella (for Dee's Dinner) $14.19
Monterey Jack Cheese (for Dee's Dinner) $7.99
Grated Parmesan $6.39
Albacore Tuna $4.78
Marshmallows for Stormy $4.99Coffee - $36.70
Sparkling Water $15.92

Total cost of monthly groceries $335.11

Household Items

Total cost of Household Items $0.00

Total September Food and Household Cost $467.28
Yay! that's $32.72 under budget!!

Looking at what I bought - it's pretty heavy on the junk food.  Mainly because we had several trips to the nearest city (70 miles away) and we tend to snack while we are traveling. Next month I will be going over my budget intentionally.  We are going to the nearest Costco and plan on buying food for storage.

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