Monday, August 29, 2016

Menu Monday - Week of August 29th

Here's is my menu ideas for the upcoming week.  I'm pretty terrible at following menu plans but I do like to start off the week with an idea of what is available, needs to be cooked and would please my family.  I have everything I need already purchased and in food storage.

Steel cut oats cooked in my wonderoven (upcoming post on that).
Yogurt - Homemade in the crockpot
Eggs and toast

Lunch and dinner:
Sloppy Lentils
Chicken Fried Tofu dipped in BBQ sauce

Snacks and desserts:
Fruit Crisp
Banana Bread with chocolate chips made in my bread machine

I did follow last weeks plan completely with the addition of a pizza I made but that was still made out of food storage.  Not sure if we are eating out of food storage again next month.  It all depends on a eBay case that we may have to refund.  

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