Saturday, January 3, 2015

12 Goals for 2015

After much head scratching, I finally came up with 12 goals for 2015 as well as weekly, monthly, and yearly goals.  I'm one of those people that get happy just checking something off a list and admiring it for the rest of the day.

So here is my list, most of it very attainable but three of them will be challenging.
Most of the year will be centered around Stormy.  She will be starting school officially and I want to bang around the state for field activities.  The zoo, botanical gardens and Sea Life Center will keep us busy this summer.  

Hugging all the grandchildren, going on a hike with Whitney and learning to sew will be challenging for me.  I have two grandchildren that live out of state, so travel will be required.  Although I like to travel, I have a strong dislike for airports that I will have to get over to make it happen.  Just the thought of the groping TSA, and germ filled airplanes and airports, make me wish I could just hop in my car and drive from Alaska to Texas.  Hmmm, now that would be a great field trip for Stormy....thinking, thinking, thinking.

Hiking with Whitney will be tricky because she is currently pregnant.  Every year we say we are going to go on hikes but never seem to make it happen.  Hopefully in the fall she will feel up to it but I won't hold it against her if she isn't.  I will even volunteer to carry the baby and sneak in some snuggle on the way.

Learning to sew.  Oh my goodness me, did I really put that on the list?  I haven't sat down with a sewing machine since home ec in school.  The hubby does all the sewing in family to date but I'd love to sit down and make simple gift bags, aprons and the such. 
Onederland...those who know what this means, will know what I'm up to here.

So there it is,  My Sharpie is ready to start checking off and I'll keep checking in here with my progress.  How about you?  Got plans?

Lovin' life with my list, my sharpie and my determination!

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