Sunday, December 4, 2016

Food Cost Breakdown for November

Canning and Food Storage
Evaporated Milk (case) $25.92
Popcorn 50 lbs $32.59
Mints $11.49
Pepperoni $13.09
Corn (case) $9.48
Kerrygold Butter (to can) $31.56 
Garlic granulated $6.39
Brown Sugar $25.80
Clear Jel $9.50
Pecans $21.46
Vitamin Gummies $46.17
Red pepper Flakes $13.51
Black Pepper $13.39
Toothpaste 6.79

Total cost of food toward Food Storage $267.14

Pet Supplies
Cracked Corn $15.11
Dog Food $55.88
Total cost for pet supplies: $70.99

Monthly Groceries
Milk $67.91
Ruffles $30.36
Fruit Snacks $9.99
Poptarts $5.00
Ranch Dressing $10.19
Orange Juice $4.29
Lunch Meat $12.7
Tillamook Cheddar Cheese $52.48 (we have 2 big blocks for December)
Egg Nog$29.47
Cream $19.58
Apple Cider $2.69
Pumpkin $8.79
String Cheese $19.98
Cream Whip $8.99
Blackberries $6.49
Capri Sun Juice $11.09 
Candy $41.97
Corn Tortillas $5.59
Flour Tortillas $11.29
Flour $7.69
Garlic granulated $6.39
Sharp Cheddar $12.29
Pepper Jack $10.19
Yogurt (for starter) $1.39
Ice Cream cups $3.58
Ice Cream Bucket $13.59 
Coffee 31.99
Total cost of monthly groceries $445.96

Household Items
Toilet Paper $22.99
Total cost of Household Items $22.99

Total September Food and Household Cost: $807.08

All I can say is WOWZA!  Way over this month and I mean way over!  In my defense I will say I see reflected in this is the holiday shopping for meals and candy to be given as gifts.  Mainly I see that I need to stop sending my hubby to do the shopping because he loves to spoil us and he has with candy, chips and ice cream. 

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