Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years Eve Update 2014

I've been mostly absent from this blog all year.  It's been a year riddle with too much stress, family changes and a bit of health problems.  I recently sat down and made out my goals for 2015 and blogging is a big one on the list.  I enjoy putting down my thoughts here and want to get back into it.  

The biggest news of 2014 is the addition of two new grand-daughters, Aurora and Penelope.  If that isn't a big enough blessing, we also learned that there will be a grandson born in 2015.  I am always amazed how my small family unit is growing into such a great people.  

I will go more into details about some of the challenges of last year.  I'm excited to share and log some of my thoughts and research about a couple of health issues I faced and hoping I was able to conquer naturally.

This new year is promising to have some new stresses and changes.  My stepson will be graduating and joining the Navy.  Stormy will turn 5 and we will have to get more formal about her schooling.  We have a huge financial goal that we have been working on and some major plans to improve our house.

How did I do on the China Challenge?  Not too bad actually.  I cannot remember the last time I was in Walmart.  I'm always looking at product to see where they are made and try to buy Made in the USA whenever I can find them, even though it always means paying more. 

So here we go 2015.  In less than 5 hours you will be here and I will embrace all that you will bring.

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