Sunday, March 2, 2014

Weekend Chores - Spring Update

This weekend something new went on my to do list that I am super excited about!  Spring is here and it is now a goal to get out and get our 30 minutes of fresh air each day.

Here is what was on  my list this weekend.

The always list:

Laundry - 2 loads and hang to dry
Bathroom - Scrub and sanitize
Kitchen - ditto the bathroom

This weekend or until done list

Kill the mouse - it's taunting us now and watching movies with us

Kitchen list

Make bread - will happen Monday because I forgot to get the sourdough out
Make the pot of beans - yep, create the magic
Dehydrate the excess veggies and fruit - hubby came home with extra mushrooms

eBay store list

reconcile the spreadsheet for February - not even close to happening yet
list 5 items -  on #4 currently

Stormy list

Hug, love and pinch on - and work on numbers
Extra Bubbles bath

Personal list

Keep reading Atlas Shrugged
Knit a pair of mittens
Get 30 minutes of fresh air and walk
Update blog 

Here is what I wish was on my list

Ha Ha - Cabin fever is setting in apparently.  I got to get going, I've only accomplished about 20% of my list and it is Sunday evening already!

Lovin' life 


  1. I have Atlas Shrugged too. I read the first 100 pages or so, then other books crept in. Currently reading "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance". I think you may like it.

    1. We watched the movie and it is helping me get through the book, but admittedly I've read a couple other things. I estimate Atlas will take me a year to read. I'll search your book for my kindle and see what I think.