Monday, July 6, 2015

Starting Over - Trim Healthy Mama

It's time to refocus and I really want to mean it this time.  I'm going to do my best to get back on track with my diet, exercise, weekly to do list and my yearly goals.  I'm starting over on my diet on Monday because our company should be departed by then and more importantly, the pie should be gone.

Amish Rhubarb Pie

I am struggling in the diet department trying to find a plan that works.  I've decided to go back to Trim Healthy Mama and customize it a bit to see if that helps.  I think it is a sustainable plan that works for most but I wasn't seeing results.  I've narrowed down the problem to my gallbladder.  The plan depends on separating the fuels of carbs and fat.  My gallbladder and I are fine with the carb part but eating a lot of fatty meals irritates the gallbladder and I resort to eating a lot more carbs than intended. I briefly tried JUDDD (alternative fasting days) but I worried I wasn't letting my gallbladder expel enough.

To customize the Trim Healthy Mama plan I will depend on coconut oil as my main source of fat. My favorite way to use coconut oil is in Bulletproof coffee or tea.  Although the plan discourages BPC as a meal,. I am planning to start my morning with one and have another as a snack.  I will still be heavy on the "E" meals but maybe I can see results.

Here is my THM gallbladder customized plan.  Another thing I should point out is my house is pretty low on groceries right now.  Due to the local Borough and town fleecing locals and tourist alike with a tax on all foods, I am protesting with my dollars by not buying any groceries locally and traveling to the nearest city that doesn't charge any sales tax.  After the summer months when they lift the tax on food, I may feel less stubborn about buying at our local stores.  I mean really people, a 7.5% tax on eggs?  By the end of my month, our house is out of fresh produce and fruit and we are eating the frozen stuff.

8:00 Bulletproof Coffee or Tea (Coffee or Teecino with 1 TBSP of coconut oil and sweetener). If I am hungry I will eat a fatbomb (currently I have Peanut Butter Cheesecake in the freezer) or some homemade greek yogurt with blueberries or peanut butter powder mixed in or a boiled egg.  This will always be a "S" meal.
Big cup of creamy bulletproof coffee.

11:00- Mostly "E" soup and sandwiches.  This week I am planning:

* Zest of the Southwest with a small amount of canned chicken.  If I need more I will pair it with a Wasa cracker and Laughing cow cheese.
* Loaded Fotato Soup or leftover lentil soup with a Toasted Turkey Sandwich.  I make my toasted turkey sandwiches by lightly spraying a slice of sprouted bread with coconut oil and layering on a wedge of laughing cow cheese and a slice of turkey and toasting it on the griddle.  Some days I will skip the soup and eat a full sandwich with a side of Kimchi.
* Steel Cut Oatmeal with blueberries.  I will whisk in some egg beaters for the extra protein

2:00 Snack time.  This will include another BPC or BPT with a fatbomb, greek yogurt, boiled egg, Wasa cracker and LLC.  My other options will include smoothies that I will add either chia seeds or MCT oil in to get some good fats or a coffee cake MIM.  I will strive always to make this a "S" meal.

5:00 Dinner  This time of day will again be a lot of "E" meals.  This week my fridge says I can enjoy:
*  Beans and Rice.  It's a crock pot meal that I make weekly and love.
*  Breakfast Burritos. I will use egg beaters or egg whites and a low carb tortilla.  I will pair this with a smoothie or some roasted green beans.
*  Pizza Bites.  This is the only "S" meal I am planning on and only if my gallbladder says yes.  I will have a side of frozen vegs.
*  White Bean and Chicken soup with a side of frozen vegs.

8:00 Snack (if needed) - I have on hand popcorn, greek yogurt, fat bombs, cheese and olives, cookie bowl oatmeal and smoothies.  I will try keep it to a small portion.

I have found that I can be satisfied without making any type of baked goodies.  I just can't find any that I enjoy and it's easier to make a smoothie if I get a sweet tooth.  I do have a secret stash of dark chocolate in the house in case of an emergency.

I'm pretty sure that most of my weekly menus will look a lot like this one.  When I have fresh produce in the house it will change up a bit.  I will have an apple with soup and more salads based meals.  I will make more green smoothies (spinach, strawberries and cottage cheese) versus this weeks protein powder based smoothies.

For hydration I will drink water, a daily shrinker and an occasional Winter Wonderland or fruity GGMS along with my BPC or BPT.  On days that I feel cold I will drink hot tea.

Dino guarding my Shrinker
Lovin' life with a diet plan in hand....

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