Friday, August 10, 2012

Nothing Important Happened Today

"Nothing Important Happened Today" was the title of the X-Files episode I watched last night.  It refers to the king of England's diary entry on July 4,1776.  For some reason the phrase has stuck with me and caused me to do quite a bit of meditation.

I live a small but purposeful life.  I admit to being boring and like to stay home. Fair to say, I am not a social butterfly but I blame my job on that because I work with the public all day.  I have a 5 year plan, but that's another blog post.  Most days I can say nothing important happened but I know all around me, really important things are happening.  Babies are born, people fall in love, get into fights and car accidents.  They marry and we lose others in death.  And that is just what is on my facebook feed, but none of that happened to me. 

But what did happen to me was full of smiles and hugs, tickles and tugs.  I connected with old friends and met some interesting people.  I woke up in the arms of the man I love.  I laughed and frowned and missed my mom.  My heart melted as I watched my daughter play and I crossed my fingers when my son had his job interview.  I ignored the dirty dishes and the phone and played barbie instead. 

Nothing important happened today.  It was nothing but everything and it was a perfect.

PS- Because this blog is suppose to be about my store here are a few important musical influences in my life.

Bon Jovi

My first high school rock star crush.  I'm still carrying the torch for him and the band.  Other high school influences would be Bryan Adams, Chicago, AC/DC, Ozzy and all the other hair bands, but none could touch Bon Jovi.

Dr. Hook
Sounds of my childhood.  I grew up in a lodge in Alaska.  My mom worked as the waitress, bartender and cook.  During the slow times I would beg her for quarters from her tip jar to play in the jukebox.  I loved watching the vinyl records come down and spin.  Dr Hook was always my first choice followed by the Little River Band, Willie and Waylon and Elvis to make my mom smile.

Brand New

Brand New is my favorite band today.  Most of their music goes straight to my soul.  This album, Daisy, is probably my least listened to but the only one I have for sale.  Other top plays on my list today would include Death Cab for Cutie, Tonic, dEUS, REM, and a lot of indie bands.

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