Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Week one of starting the new store

Wow, what a week!  After paying off our high eBay fees and a few other experiences, we decided to go for it and start a new online store independent of eBay and Amazon.  First order of business, and hopefully the hardest task was naming the store.  Just let me say, it's not easy.  You agree on a name and the domain is unavailable and so forth.  Finally, after hours of debates, long silences and hair pulling we agree upon ak Music Storm.  

Why that name?  Primarily, we are selling used CDs and iPods and the males in the family wouldn't let me call it  I fought hard for it and lost.  What do you think?  I hope it's catchy and easy to remember.  Now I'm trying to find the best artwork, set up this blog, design the website, and import the inventory.  If that doesn't seem t be enough, I still get to chase after the toddler, work the day job, run the eBay store and do the taxes.  But I'm lovin' life in Alaska!

So please excuse that this blog is still unadorned.  I'm the type that likes to have everything pretty so it will get beautified soon.   Just wanted to say hi.

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