Saturday, October 20, 2012

5 Year Plan - Frugal Transportation "Mickey"

Tonight we took Mickey out for one last spin before we pull him into the shop for the new diesel engine.  So after pouring in a fresh gallon of oil we headed down to the beach to watch the Alaskan sunset.

We wanted to lock in the hubs and check out the new 37" tires but we caught the high tide.

Here's a glimpse at Mickey.  It will be next summer before the weather conditions will allow us give it a paint job and some body work but you can see we have a great model to work with. 

So with one last look at the Chigmit mountains we turned toward home.

I hope that your Saturday was as beautiful as ours.

Lovin' Life in Alaska cruising around in a van named Mickey.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Sweet Alaskan Day

Every year we travel to Anchorage to celebrate my grand daughter's birthday.  Yesterday was d-day and I thought it would fun to share the day with you.  We were excited to take "Mickey" out give it a test drive.  (Click here for more about Mickey)  The mechanic has been working on it sporadically and it now sports 37" tires, new brakes and a few other repairs. Mostly we were curious if the engine would run better if it had a nice run. I can answer that by saying we were the stinky diesel everyone hates to follow.  The next project on it will be to replace the engine and hopefully get the veggie system mapped out.
We started out bright and early at 7:00 am.  It was a crisp and clear morning but saw fog rolling off Skilak lake.

Sterling Highway near Skilak Lake

Traveling over Turnagain Pass we saw our first snow of the season.  You would think that Alaskans wouldn't get excited over the first snowfall, but we do.

Turnagain Pass
It was fun to see that Alaska's fall colors include white and yellow.

New Seward Highway near Girdwood, AK
It took us 4 hours to go the 200 miles but we finally made it to the "Peace" birthday celebration.

Peace cake made by Whitney and Zoe

Zoe and her Uncle Robert opening presents
My oldest son, James and youngest child, Stormy, playing together
After the party we relaxed and visited.  We had one more activity until we could go home and it was the perfect end to a pretty wonderful day.

Ted Stevens International Airport, Anchorage, AK
Grandma is home!  It's been a year since she left and it is so nice to have her home again.   The trip home was uneventful but full of love and talk.  We pulled into our driveway 23 hours after we left and stumbled into bed.  Today has been a day to stay in pajamas, settle into the recliners and relax.  Hope your weekend has been as wonderful as mine.

Just a day in a blessed life in Alaska.