Saturday, December 31, 2016

All I Want To Do Is Read More - 2017

Once again I have been absent from this blog.  Some not serious health issues have kept me from enjoying life.  I'm still not back to normal but getting closer.  All this down time has given me time to contemplate life and what I would like to see different in 2017.

I just want to open up a honest to goodness book and read more.  Before we had wi-fi in our home and smart phones I would read 4-5 books a month, now I am only reading 4-5 a year.  Part of my recovery is to rest and to truly rest I need to turn off the screens and open those books.
 Currently I am reading three books.  Dune - yep still reading it.  The Circle Trilogy by Ted Dekker and a Janette Oke book on my kindle.  I would like to get back into the classics, especially Dickens and the Poirot mysteries by Agatha Christie.

Here's to 2017 and getting back to the basics. 

Lovin' Life.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Food Cost Breakdown for November

Canning and Food Storage
Evaporated Milk (case) $25.92
Popcorn 50 lbs $32.59
Mints $11.49
Pepperoni $13.09
Corn (case) $9.48
Kerrygold Butter (to can) $31.56 
Garlic granulated $6.39
Brown Sugar $25.80
Clear Jel $9.50
Pecans $21.46
Vitamin Gummies $46.17
Red pepper Flakes $13.51
Black Pepper $13.39
Toothpaste 6.79

Total cost of food toward Food Storage $267.14

Pet Supplies
Cracked Corn $15.11
Dog Food $55.88
Total cost for pet supplies: $70.99

Monthly Groceries
Milk $67.91
Ruffles $30.36
Fruit Snacks $9.99
Poptarts $5.00
Ranch Dressing $10.19
Orange Juice $4.29
Lunch Meat $12.7
Tillamook Cheddar Cheese $52.48 (we have 2 big blocks for December)
Egg Nog$29.47
Cream $19.58
Apple Cider $2.69
Pumpkin $8.79
String Cheese $19.98
Cream Whip $8.99
Blackberries $6.49
Capri Sun Juice $11.09 
Candy $41.97
Corn Tortillas $5.59
Flour Tortillas $11.29
Flour $7.69
Garlic granulated $6.39
Sharp Cheddar $12.29
Pepper Jack $10.19
Yogurt (for starter) $1.39
Ice Cream cups $3.58
Ice Cream Bucket $13.59 
Coffee 31.99
Total cost of monthly groceries $445.96

Household Items
Toilet Paper $22.99
Total cost of Household Items $22.99

Total September Food and Household Cost: $807.08

All I can say is WOWZA!  Way over this month and I mean way over!  In my defense I will say I see reflected in this is the holiday shopping for meals and candy to be given as gifts.  Mainly I see that I need to stop sending my hubby to do the shopping because he loves to spoil us and he has with candy, chips and ice cream.